Our Veterans Service Officers (VSO) serve as a liaison to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). They advise and assist Veterans and family members of their rights and/or obtaining possible benefits through the VA, the State of Ohio, and Lorain County.

All of our VSOs hold accreditation through the Ohio Department of Veterans Services https://dvs.ohio.gov and National Association of Veterans Service Officers https://www.nacvso.org/.

Services include processing claims for:

VSOs also submit applications for:

Benefits may also include but are not limited to:


Krystol Mayer, U.S. Navy
Lead Service Officer
(440) 284-4302

Sam Koachway, U.S. Navy
Service Officer
(440) 284-4661

Kenneth Lane, U.S. Navy
Service Officer

(440) 406-3121

Stephen Trenta, U.S. Navy
Service Officer
(440) 363-8291