Sgt. Samuel L. Felton Jr. Central Park


Sergeant Samuel L. Felton Jr. of Lorain, Ohio, epitomized courage and selflessness both on the battlefield and in his community. A distinguished U.S. Marine Corps veteran from 1968 to 1971, Felton earned two Purple Hearts for wounds sustained in combat and the prestigious Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism during his service in Vietnam—a distinction bestowed upon only 491 individuals during that conflict. Beyond his military accolades, Felton became a local legend for his unwavering commitment to fellow veterans and his community.

In addition to his bravery in combat, Felton’s dedication to service extended to his civilian life. Inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame in 2019, he continued to lead by example, advocating for veterans’ rights and supporting youth organizations. His impact was profound and deeply personal, as evidenced by his decision to volunteer for a third tour of duty in Vietnam to protect his younger brother from the draft—a testament to his sense of duty and familial devotion.

Standing over 6-foot-5 and known affectionately as “Frags” for his habit of carrying multiple fragmentation grenades while on patrol, Felton was a towering figure both physically and in the hearts of those who knew him. His legacy as a protector, mentor, and champion for the underdog endures through the Sgt. Samuel L. Felton Jr. Central Park and annual commemorations like the cookout held in his honor, ensuring that his memory and spirit continue to inspire generations to come.

2800 Oakdale Ave, Lorain, OH 44055