Pulaski Park in Lorain


Erected by the Federation of Polish Societies on October 11, 1938.

The park was dedicated in honor of Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman, soldier, and military commander who is hailed as a hero in both Poland and the United States. Born on March 6, 1745, in Warsaw, Poland, Pulaski gained prominence for his role in fighting against Russian dominance in Poland. After his efforts in the Polish struggle for independence, he was exiled and eventually made his way to America.

Pulaski is best known in the United States for his significant contributions to the American Revolutionary War. In 1777, he joined the Continental Army, where his expertise in cavalry tactics earned him the title “Father of the American Cavalry.” He was instrumental in organizing and training American cavalry units, which greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the Continental forces.

One of his most notable achievements was his leadership in the Battle of Brandywine, where his actions helped save General George Washington’s army from a potential defeat. Pulaski later formed the Pulaski Legion, a mixed force of cavalry and infantry, which played a crucial role in several battles.

Tragically, Pulaski was mortally wounded during the Siege of Savannah in 1779. He died on October 11, 1779. His legacy lives on in both Poland and the United States, with numerous memorials, towns, and counties named in his honor. Pulaski is remembered as a symbol of the enduring bond between Poland and the United States and as a dedicated champion of freedom and independence.

Pulaski Park, W 15th St, Lorain, OH 44052