103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


A Tribute to Civil War Valor

Veterans in Front of the Barracks. Campweek 103rd O.V.I. Lorain, Ohio
Veterans in Front of the Barracks Campweek 103rd O.V.I. Lorain, Ohio

The 103rd O.V.I. Company was founded by the Civil War veterans of the 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. These men and their descendants have been celebrating annual reunions and honoring veterans consecutively since 1867. It is the second-longest-running consecutive annual reunion in the nation and perhaps the oldest veteran-based organization in Lorain County.

In 1908 the surviving veterans of the 103rd purchased the property located at 5501 E. Lake Road in Sheffield Lake, Ohio as a permanent meeting place for these annual reunions. This property houses several historical buildings including Casement Hall, which was named in honor of General Jack Casement who commanded the 103rd in the war, and the 103rd O.V.I. Civil War Museum, which is on the National Registry of Historical Landmarks and is a State of Ohio landmark. Both structures were built by the veterans of the 103rd Regiment.

A Living History Lesson

The 103rd O.V.I. Civil War Museum originally served as a barracks for the veterans during their annual reunions. In the 1970’s, the barracks was converted into what is now the 103rd O.V.I. Civil War Museum. This building contains Civil War artifacts that have been inherited, collected, or donated to the descendants of the 103rd O.V.I. veterans.

Casement Hall

Casement Hall was built as a location for meetings, programs, and social events for the veterans and their descendants. Lectures to the public and organized school and social groups are also regularly held in Casement Hall.

Casement Hall in 1908

103rd O.V.I. Memorial Foundation

The 103rd O.V.I. Memorial Foundation was established in 1971 to preserve these treasured relics, buildings, and land. The 103rd O.V.I. Company and Foundation are now one entity as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, entitled The 103rd O.V.I. Memorial Foundation.

The Foundation is very involved throughout Lorain County in promoting the well-deserved honor and respect for veterans. The Foundation also provides historical education programs with museum tours and topical lectures throughout Lorain County, including school and social groups. They partner with veteran organizations in patriotic events as well as support other veteran groups with their fundraisers, striving in numerous ways to have a positive impact on public perceptions of veterans and patriotic service.

A week-long reunion in August serves to honor the 103rd veteran ancestors and all of America’s veterans. This reunion includes special events, nightly Flag Lowering ceremonies, and a Memorial Service. To preserve the organization is to preserve our nation’s history. The 103rd O.V.I. is veteran-based and strives to be involved with other veteran’s organizations and to facilitate and develop activities with other private and public groups dedicated to the welfare and honor of all United States veterans.

Flag Lowering ceremony during the 103rd O.V.I.'s annual reunion. Retired and active 103rd O.V.I. veterans lowering the flag
Flag Lowering ceremony during the 103rd O.V.I.'s annual reunion. Retired and active 103rd O.V.I. veterans lowering the flag
5501 Lake Rd, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054