VA medical appointment transportation Wellington, OH

Transportation is provided to and from VA Medical Facilities in Wade Park & Parma and the VA Outpatient Clinic in Sheffield Village. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. A morning shuttle is available to Wade Park & Parma. Home pick-ups are provided for appointments at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Sheffield Village. Wheelchair accessible transportation is available. 


Departs LCVSO7:15 a.m.*1
Departs JFS7:30 a.m.*1
Departs Valor Home7:45 a.m.*1
Departs Elyria8:00 a.m.*1
Arrives W/P9:15 a.m.*2
Departs W/P3: 00 p.m.*3
Arrives LCVSO4:30 p.m.*3


LCVSO: 1230 N Abbe Rd.
JFS: 42495 North Ridge Rd.
Valor Home: 221 W 20th St., Lorain.
Elyria: Admin. Bldg., 226 Middle Ave.

*1 May depart earlier if all scheduled riders are present.
*2 Approximate time, add 20-30 minutes if shuttle goes to Parma.
*3 May depart/arrive earlier if all riders are done with their appointments.


1. All passengers must be ambulatory and able to get in and out of the van with limited assistance of the driver.

2. A caregiver, for the purpose of providing aid and attendance to the veteran, will be permitted to ride in the van with the veteran. Need for a caregiver must be authorized by the VA. Notice must be given at the time of reservation.

3. Veterans must be ready to leave at the time scheduled for pick-up, the driver will not wait.

4. Cancellations must be reported as soon as possible. 48 hours is preferred. After 2 NO SHOWS, without calling this office will result in a 6 month suspension.

5. Smoking, eating and drinking is prohibited in a county vehicle.

6. Passengers should not engage in any activity that would distract the driver from his duties.

7. State law and county policy requires all passengers without medical exemption must wear seatbelts any time the van is in motion.

8. Please do not leave trash inside the van.

9. The driver will not make any nonscheduled stops.

10. The driver may refuse transportation to anyone he feels may cause disruptions in safe transportation.

11. As a courtesy to others, passengers must maintain personal hygiene.

Howard Hixon, U.S. Marine Corps
Transportation Coordinator